Andrew Kay
Andrew Kay has over 15 years’ experience in security and quality assurance working with organisations across Asia Pacific to strengthen their resilience to cyber threats.

Having worked with major industry players like Micro Focus and HPE, Andrew now represents Illumio South Pacific as he marries his knowledge of technology and industry to design and implement solutions that prevent attackers' lateral movement, protect high-value assets and achieve compliance goals.

Marginalize the breach: A Zero Trust approach
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

Enterprise is realising breaches are inevitable, leading to the rise of the zero-trust discussion. Yet considering the why, what and how is something less well known. Applying critical starting points in the application of Zero-Trust is core to successfully improving the security of crown jewel applications inside your data centre and cloud environments.

Key Learnings from the presentation:

1. Why traditional security is no longer enough is multi-platform, multi-cloud environments
2. What’s driving changes in security tactics
3. How to consider and deploy modern security solutions with Zero trust in mind

Presentation slides can be found HERE

Presentation video can be found HERE