Ashley Deuble
Independent Infosec Professional
Ashley has been working in Information Security for a lot longer than he would like to remember. He has worked in financial institutions, global engineering firms, education and Fortune 50 companies.

Ashley's experience in Information Security includes security incident response, forensic analysis, ISO2700x Policy/ISMS development and implementation, security risk and compliance assessments, penetration testing, mentoring and training. He has achieved many security certifications such as CISSP, CISM, CISA, CRISC and OSCP. He has numerous SANS certifications, including their prestigious GSE certification.

The Perceived Perception of Preparedness
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

What happens when you prepare heavily for a security event, including getting all your processes and documentation checked off… only to find out (from the same people) just months later that you are in fact not prepared at all?!

This presentation will be a choose your own adventure type presentation (hopefully) to get audience interaction to see if there are any possible scenarios in which this fictional organisation could have possibly been properly prepared, and to provide advice to the audience of how not to fall into this same trap.

(Details will be from multiple real-world scenarios that I have been involved in over my career)

Presentation video can be found HERE