Dr Hinne Hettema
Ports of Auckland
Hinne Hettema is the tactical security operations leader at Ports of Auckland.

His strengths are in SOC enablement, intelligence and incident response, as well as intelligence driven security operations and security architecture.

In a previous role, he led the security operations at the University of Auckland and has also worked as security architect. He has experience working in security operations in both ICT and ICS environments, setting and driving strategy and incident response. He studied Theoretical Chemistry (PhD 1993) and Philosophy (PhD 2012). As a theoretical chemist, he played with the supercomputers of the time. His first computer was hacked in 1991, after which he developed an enduring interest in cyber security. He is a blogger for APNIC, and maintains a security blog on his LinkedIn page.

TUTORIAL: Malware Analysis When You're In A Hurry
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 2

In this one day course you will learn rapid triage of malicious content and next steps. These steps can be taken by a small team when targeted by specific malware. After completion of this process you can hand off to your AV vendor with a summary of your findings and links to any reports that you have generated, as well as put in some protection immediately.

The aim is to complete this process in about 30 minutes, have a definite answer whether something is malware or not, and give your AV vendor enough to go on as a starting point, share your findings with colleagues and clearly inform your business about the threat of this specific malware.

After this course, you will be able to:
Understand and strategise the use of malware analysis tools
Understand aspects of the cybercrime ecosystem and the role played by malware
Be able to model attacks and think strategically about defences
Be able to analyse malware to a high level quickly and securely
Be able to share your conclusions with others

The course is targeted to beginners in malware analysis and those who need to make sense of the many tools available in this area.

NOTE: Repeat of course offered in 2018.