Gavin Reid
Recorded Future
Gavin Reid is the chief security architect and head of threat research for Recorded Future.

His focus is on next-generation threats and the role that threat intelligence can play in identifying and combating them. He serves as a subject matter expert on information security architecture, threat intelligence analysis, and associated compliance initiatives. Reid also works with cybersecurity groups to ensure Recorded Future has the needed sources of data and relationships to be the premier provider of threat intelligence.

With over 25 years of experience in threat intelligence, he was a driving force behind the development of big data analytics and threat identification. This experience is exemplified in his role at Cisco Systems as director of threat research for security intelligence operations, where he led a team that developed new data analytics technologies to detect and remediate advanced cybersecurity threats. Reid also created and led Cisco’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), a global organization of information security professionals responsible for monitoring, investigating, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

In addition to his time at Cisco, Reid also served as the vice president of the cyber threat intelligence group at Fidelity Investments and oversaw IT security at NASA’s Johnson Space Center

From the Hacker's Keyboard to the Protector's SOC
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

This talk shows how the techniques & infrastructure hackers use is found out and turned against them. We take a well-known attack and show how and why a criminal uses it for financial gain. We show how this attack is collected and analyzed by security researchers — then made ready to for use by an enterprise Security Operation Center in their normal day-to-day operations.

The talk gives the audience a "behind-the-scenes" view on both threat research and how organizations use the data to protect themselves. We use real examples throughout.

Presentation video can be found HERE