Gerard Kelso
Gerard is a Security Consultant/IT Systems Engineer at Context Information Security based in the Melbourne Office, where he delivers assurance services while also being responsible for Context’s Australian IT Systems.

He has had over 16 years of experience working in and around IT systems that cover a vast swathe of Australia. In addition to being employed with Context, he volunteers at a number of Australian security and entertainment conferences.

Before joining Context, Gerard worked in development, automation and maintenance of many different IT networks across a variety of industries from Schools to International Engineering companies. Gerard leverages this broad experience to deliver network security assessments, web application tests, and cloud security assessments with a focus on container security.

Context Information Security PWNtoDrone CTF
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 3

We are very excited to announce that Context will be hosting a PWNtoDrone CTF on the 30th - 31st May.

The objective of the challenge is to allow participants to try their skills in a controlled/semi-representative ICS controller system, which includes a fully functioning SCADA network; including controllable traffic lights, smartmeters, pumped water storage and simulated smoke and fire effects.

Once players have compromised the network from the IT DMZ, propagating through to the OT2 network it is possible to compromise and capture the drone from the Modbus controlled drone hangar. There will be challenges for all levels of ability.

Be sure to visit us at booth #S10 to have a chat with our team and pick up some great giveaways!