Jake Carroll
The University of Queensland Australia
Jake Carroll is the Associate Director, Research and Advanced Computing for The University of Queensland’s Smart Science Institute’s (QBI, AIBN, IMB) and long-time collaborator of UQ’s Research Computing Centre.

Jake’s primary focus for the last thirteen years has been the enablement of sector leading scientific and research discovery through the use of cutting edge research computing infrastructure. Jake is also the subject matter expert (infrastructure) for the QLD government’s Artificial Intelligence Centre initiative.

Jake’s background is in computer science. He lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and three children. If he’s not in the lab, or on a plane – he’d rather be scuba diving.

Strange things that lurk in your {supercomputer|cloud}
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 2

The ground beneath corporate enterprise and research computing sector has changed as a result of cloud and accelerated computing technologies, but detrimental features emerge when considering security in an operational context. Hyperscale public cloud deployments present unrivalled opportunities for agility and scalability. Yet, the expansive toolbox available in every cloud management dashboard is a blessing and curse.

GPU and accelerator-based high performance computing has enabled machine learning, inference and convolutional neural networks to solve problems we only had brute force and intelligent decision systems maps for, as little as ten years ago.

In this talk, Christian and Jake will delve into less obvious aspects of cloud computing security and some real world examples of when supercomputing might be used in sophisticated and malicious ways with modern artificial intelligence techniques (such as Generative Adversarial Networks) in play.

The talk draws upon real world experiences and cutting-edge infrastructure to demonstrate some of these features. This is a talk that will appeal to technologists, computer scientists and management alike.

Presentation video can be found HERE