Jessy Irwin
Jessy is Head of Security at Tendermint, where she excels at translating complex cybersecurity problems into relatable terms, and is responsible for developing, maintaining and delivering comprehensive security strategy that supports and enables the needs of her organization and its people.

Prior to her role at Tendermint, she worked to solve security obstacles for non-expert users as a strategic advisor, security executive, security educator, and former Security Empress at 1Password.

Because security requires more than just finding bugs in code, and she advocates for building a defensive security team with a skillset that includes communications, marketing, legal, operations and business risk. Additionally, she is a dedicated user advocate who strongly believes that people should not have to become experts in technology, security or privacy to be safe online.

How Security Teams Can Evolve to Win Friends and Influence People
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Every day, security practitioners around the globe login to see more of the same old thing: the latest silver bullet technology doesn’t do what it promises to do, emerging threats are emerging yet again, and internet connectivity is being insecurely bestowed on another device that is a terrible, terrible idea.

In a world where security doesn’t often get to celebrate our wins, charting a course towards better outcomes and improving our industry’s success metrics can feel like an impossible task… but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Security teams can rewrite this script by challenging assumptions, redefining their work, and building stronger, more resilient relationships with the organizations they protect and defend to improve outcomes. Because threats shouldn’t be the only thing in our industry that gets to evolve— our approach to security should, too.

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