Kevin Alcock
Katipo Information Security Ltd
Kevin resides in the baaaaadlands of Christchurch, NZ. where he helps organise the local Information Security Interest Group and CHCon.

He has been programming for a living since 1986 (yes, longer than most of you have been alive). That makes him a fairly old dog, although he can still learn new tricks and obtained his OSCP in mid 2016. Now he is the founder and principal consultant at Katipo Information Security. Where he spends days helping secure medical devices connected to the Internet.

TUTORIAL: Bluetooth Low Energy hacking 101
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

Most IoT manufacturers agree, it is better with bluetooth. So do us hackers ;-)

Course Outline

This course provides the student with a Bluetooth dongle, a VM and a target device. Kevin will take the students through an introduction and the in to a hands on workshop.

What is Bluetooth and how it works
Getting started
what hardware do you need
what software tools
Understanding of attacks
Getting information out
How to carry on beyond this session
And more…

Basic programming knowledge, but not essential. A willingness to learn
Software Requirements: Virtual Box, Attack VM will be supplied by Kevin
Hardware Requirements: Laptop capable of running a VM and a couple of spare USB ports