Lachlan Murphy
Department of Defence
Lachlan holds extensive public sector experience and is currently a security policy officer with the Department of Defence Industry Security team.

He administered the recent DISP reforms, and continues to promote a security culture within both industry and the broader government - “The current security environment is constantly evolving and it’s up to us to ensure you are Defence Ready”

Defence Industry Security Program
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

The Defence Industry Security Program assists in security Defence capability through strengthened security practices in partnership with industry, and enhances Defence’s ability to manage risk in the evolving security environment.

I will be speaking on the recent reforms to the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), Defence has made the DISP more accessible for industry, removing the need for a contract thus increasing tendering opportunities. I will provide a brief overview of the current threat environment, and why it is important for industry to put in adequate measures to protect both Defence’s assets and their own intellectual property. I will explain the requirements of the DISP that help protect your business from the threat of foreign espionage, theft, and interference and highlight the benefits of being a DISP member. I will then finish off by detailing the new assurance program being led by Defence for all DISP members, and explain exactly how you can apply.

Presentation slides can be found HERE

Presentation video can be found HERE