Laith Alkhouri
Laith Alkhouri is the Co-founder and Senior Director of Advanced Intelligence Solutions at Flashpoint, a business risk intelligence company in New York.

He heads Flashpoint’s advanced and customized intelligence solutions for a range of government and commercial clients, focused on understanding risk posed by terrorist and cyber crime threat actors.

Mr. Alkhouri has conducted primary-source research into terrorist groups and their supporters for over a decade, focusing on their cyber footprints and technological advancements. Mr. Alkhouri has presented his findings to audiences at governmental and security institutions including the US State Department, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, the NYPD, House Committee on Homeland Security, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

As an expert on terrorist groups’ operational capabilities and counter extremism, he is also a commentator for national and international media including NBC News, The New York Times, Reuters and others.

Mr. Alkhouri holds an MS in International Affairs and a BA in Political Science and Government.

Presentation video can be found HERE