Lavi Lazarovitz
Lavi leads a group of security researchers doing vulnerability research; writing about information security for security magazines and blogs in Israel and internationally; and coding prototypes and proof of concepts.

Working alongside his dedicated team, he studies the methods and tactics employed by hackers to penetrate and move laterally across organizational networks. He’s responsible for devising effective detection and mitigation techniques to thwart cyber attacks.

Lavi holds a master degree in computer science and cryptography, and previously served in the Israeli Air Force for 11 years as a pilot and as an intelligence officer.

The Great Escape – Containers in Chains
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 2

Containers become a common building block in many application architectures allowing (for example) flexible multitenancy – running several user sessions in parallel on the same machine. BUT(!), what security boundaries (or chains) do containers provide? Are the boundaries provided by containers, just an illusion? Can organizations trust the containment of containers? How would the great Houdini, would escape a container chained in seemingly unbreakable heavy chains?

In this session I will try to answer these questions and share with the audience a few insights from Houdini’s point of view – the escapee. What security holes and tricks attackers might try to exploit in the attempt of escaping a seemingly secure container. I will also share insights from the point of view of Houdini’s assistant, trying to chain and secure the container. What setup and configurations are necessary to make sure the container environment is secure and able to contain an attempted escape.

Presentation video can be found HERE