Nik Kalogirou
Nik is the Vice President of Sales APAC at Cofense and is responsible for helping organisations build on their security strategy throughout the APAC Region by making humans “part of the solution” in every company, in dealing with cyber threats.

With over 15 years in leadership roles throughout the globe, he loves building strong relationships with customers of all sizes.

The 5 Uncomfortable Truths
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

The threat posed by phishing is not new. For many years, the media and research papers have been littered with examples of data breaches that have been traced back to phishing attacks. Organisations have attempted to tackle the threat through investments in next-gen technologies and increased employee awareness training.

Despite these efforts, the threat has not receded, in fact, it’s become more sophisticated and more effective. The technical controls that organisations are putting in place to address this threat are being rendered ineffective at an alarming pace.

It’s time for organisations to accept some uncomfortable truths about routine approaches to phishing defence and think differently – understanding that REAL phish are the REAL problem.

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