Prof. Ryan Ko
The University of Queensland Australia
Professor Ryan Ko is Chair and Director of UQ Cyber Security at the University of Queensland, Australia.

His applied research in cyber security focuses on 'returning control of data to cloud computing users'. His research reduces users' reliance on trusting third-parties and focusses on (1) provenance logging and reconstruction, and (2) privacy-preserving data processing (homomorphic encryption). Both his research foci are recognised nationally and internationally, receiving conference Best Paper Awards (2015, 2017), and technology transfers locally and internationally.

He serves as Technology Advisory Board member of the NZX-listed (NZE:LIC) Livestock Improvement Cooperation (LIC), Nyriad, and expert advisor to INTERPOL, NZDF, NZ Minister for Communications' Cyber Security Skills Taskforce, and one of four nationally-appointed Technical Adviser for the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015, Ministry of Justice.

Prior to UQ, he was the highest funded computer scientist in New Zealand, as Principal Investigator and Science Leader of the largest MBIE-awarded cloud security research funding for STRATUS (NZ$12.2 million) from 2014 to 2018. STRATUS' research was awarded `Gold' by MBIE (i.e. top performing project, 2017), adopted by INTERPOL and featured in NZ's Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet's NZ Cyber Security Strategy 2016 annual report.

Prof Ko has a strong record in establishing university-wide, multi-disciplinary academic research and education programmes, including NZ's first cyber security graduate research programme and lab (CROW) in 2012, NZ's first Master of Cyber Security (encompassing technical and law courses), the NZ Cyber Security Challenge since 2014, and the New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science – Te Puna Haumaru, the Evidence Based Policing Centre (at Wellington with NZ Police and ESR), and Master of Security and Crime Science in 2017. The Institute integrates research expertise across 6 faculties, covering computer science, statistics, psychology, crime science, Maori and indigenous studies, law, management, and social science.

Come and join us at UQ Cyber Security
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

The University of Queensland has developed a comprehensive, cross-institution Cyber Security initiative, informed by the AustCyber Sector Competitiveness plan and the NIST National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework. It has been specifically designed to address the key issues around education, fundamental and applied technology research, policy development and research commercialisation.

The breadth of UQ’s discipline coverage makes it one of the few institutions able to offer consolidated expertise across mathematical and physics fundamentals, engineering and ICT, and social dimensions though law, business, criminology, and social sciences. Together with its partners, UQ will develop the top graduates and industry leaders in the cyber security sector.

Come to this session and learn more about:
1. How graduates and experienced professionals can join us at the new interdisciplinary Master of Cyber Security and its related professional development courses.
2. Scholarship and internship opportunities for our degrees and professional training courses.
3. How you can join us as mentors guiding the next generation of cyber security leaders.
4. The exciting outreach activities we are planning with our international and Australian partners.

Presentation slides can be found HERE (AusCERT2019 Welcome) and HERE (Come and join us at UQ Cyber Security)

Presentation video can be found HERE (AusCERT2019 Welcome) and HERE (Come and join us at UQ Cyber Security)