Alex Webling
Resilience Outcomes Australia
Alex Webling is the Director of Resilience Outcomes Australia, a consultancy helping business and government meet their strategic challenges in organisational resilience, security governance, privacy and information security.

Alex is Deputy chair of Security Professionals Australasia, a member of the Standards Australia Board on Security and Resilience (MB-025), international rapporteur for resilience on ISO technical committee 292 (Security and Resilience) and an Associate of the Australian Risk Policy Institute.

Previously, Alex was a senior executive in the Australian Government. He was the Foundation Director of the Government computer emergency response team (CERT). As Head of Protective Security Policy responsible for creating the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), he introduced the federal government’s streamlined Personnel Security system and single information classification system.

TUTORIAL: Cyber Security Awareness and Culture Roundtable
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

Ensuring staff have an appropriate understanding of the importance of cyber security and the part they have to play in managing cyber security risks is challenging and important. Join a group of your peers to discuss cyber security awareness-raising and cultural improvement. This will be a workshop style tutorial with extensive opportunities for discussion and the generation and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Topics to be covered include:

• Setting the context
> What do we mean by 'awareness'?
> What is culture?
> How can these things be measured accurately?
> How can these things be changed?

• Challenges

• Solutions
> Methodology - how Appreciative Enquiry can identify and scale up 'bright spots'

• Wrap up
> Summary of workshop
> Suggested resources