Chris Gatford
Chris Gatford is the Founder and Director of in Sydney, Australia and performs penetration tests for organisations all around the world.

Chris has reviewed countless IT environments and has directed and been responsible for numerous security assessments for a variety of corporations and government departments. Specifically, and somewhat uniquely Chris has been performing Penetration Testing for over 10 years commercially. Chris has co-authored “Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch” from Syngress Publishing.

Chris is also a frequent speaker at many security related conferences. Chris is a member of several security professional organisations and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Chris has appeared on ABC News, Channel 10 News, Bloomberg TV and ABC’s Four Corners.

TUTORIAL: Social Engineering - Practical Lessons from the Field ** Join the Red Team **!
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

This tutorial will walk through how Hacktive consultants infiltrate and acquire the sensitive information from organisations (who have engaged Hacktive) around the world.

The tutorial will look at the mechanics of SE Attempts and how it was successful in exploiting the target.

Techniques will be explained so that attendees understand the methods used by attackers. As well as the why they work at almost all organisations.

These include;

- In-Person Elicitation Techniques
- Physical Security Control Bypassing Techniques
- Communication-based attacks (Email, Phone, SMS)

We will also provide insight into;
- How to build a Security Awareness Training Program
- How to get management buy-in for a Red Team Exercise and Why they need to
- What to look from a provider when buying a Red Team Engagement

For the common attack methods, we will also present countermeasures which would have prevented all of the techniques from being successful. Hacktive will provide real examples that have been implemented to protect against these attacks which have been field proven by the team within our client organisations.

The tutorial will make use of printed material, presentations, live demonstrations and video footage of Social Engineering exercise being executed.

This is a highlights collection from the full Hacktive Training Session “The Red Team” -