Heidi Winter
Independent Infosec Professional
Heidi is an Australian professional currently specialising in cyber security risk management, incident management and operations.

She has worked in IT project management, system administration, telecommunications and compliance, before making the switch to cyber security, where she has had the opportunity to experience both government and enterprise environments. She has a strong interest in offensive and deceptive security projects and has recently been delving into malware analysis and cyber threat intel.

While also being a self-declared perpetual n00b, Heidi spends her time giving back to the community by volunteering at conferences across the globe, organising meet ups and CTFs, and running popular community projects to educate young and old on the joys of the infosec.

Catch me if you can: the art of CTF
Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

Capture the Flag (CTFs) are competitions and puzzles based on real world information security vulnerabilities and challenges that are played online or at security events and conferences. Individuals or teams race against the clock solving complex and fun exercises gathering ‘flags’ to earn points. It’s an opportunity for existing and new skills to meet and grow in a great environment, but many have no idea where to start or how to get involved. If you want to grab some flags this talk is for you!

Come play some common CTF games with me where I’ll answer frequently asked questions on how to play and where to find the resources you’ll need to be successful as you start to learn new skills, make new friends and happily pwn all the things no matter your skill level.

Presentation video can be found HERE